Cigar Reviewed: My Father La Gran Oferta

Smoked at: Ewa Beach, Hawaii

This was my first time puffing on a my father stogie and I have to admit, I was surprised at its ending. Being a bellicose cigar I enjoy them V-cut. I’ve kept it in my humidor for a good month before enjoying it, at the beginning it was smooth, nice draw, nice toasted notes. It was enjoyable till about half way, at that point it had a harsh draw and a weird after taste of plastic or wax, at that point I thought to myself WTF is this! This taste horrible! But as I got to the last half of the cigar the weird tasted went away and it was just bliss, the nice smooth toasted notes came back, nice earthy tones and some spice with kind of like a minty inhale, which then turned into, I don’t want this to end! Great start, rough mid, Excellent finish.

Smoke time 74 mins

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