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Limited Release

Partagás Decadas 2021

Partagas Decadas celebrates where Partagas has come from and the rich history and equity behind this iconic brand. Decadas in 2021 honors Ramon Cifuentes Jr. and celebrates the 60th anniversary of Ramon Jr. fleeing Cuba penniless, with only seeds in his pocket, and soon restarting the Partagas brand that consumers know and love today.

Partagas Decadas 2021 consists of an exclusive, rich Cameroon wrapper grown in the Bahia region of Brazil. This is the first time we have ever received this tobacco out of Africa, and the result has been astounding. The climate of the region adds sweetness and creaminess to the wrapper, blended with a Connecticut Havana-seed binder, and a filler combination of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan tobacco from both the mainland and the island of Ometepe.

We celebrate the spirit of taking a seed and growing it in a new place to create something incredible, just as Ramon Cifuentes Jr. did decades ago.


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