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Hoyo de Monterrey Maduro

The enduring legacy of Hoyo de Monterrey since its adoption of Honduras as its heartland in 1965 tells a story of passion, tradition, and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in cigar crafting. For nearly six decades, this iconic brand has been a staple on the shelves of American smoke shops, embodying the spirit and heart of Central American cigar culture.
Hoyo de Monterrey represents a pillar of tradition within the cigar world, striving not just for perfection in the craft but also in honoring the cultural heritage that defines Central American cigar making. It's this deep-rooted respect for tradition combined with a forward-looking vision that ensures Hoyo de Monterrey remains a symbol of quality, heritage, and craftsmanship in the world of premium cigars.

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Hoyo de Monterrey

The original Honduran craft cigar, discuss your favorites from Excalibur to La Amistad.