As you have read in our prior blog, A Day with Drew Estate, we spent some time with Izola Woods, better known as Izzy. She is a brand ambassador for Drew Estate, a Broadleaf Broad, a Bourbon enthusiast, and an overall leader in the cigar space. We wanted to acknowledge her a bit more in our WCW feature, so take a read to learn more about this badass woman and her experiences in the cigar industry.


Cigar World's Interview with Izola Woods

Jean: As a female in the cigar space, can you tell me a bit about your experience in this space and how it has been for you?

Izzy: What people don’t realize is that females have always been in the tobacco world, not just the cigar world. Specifically with cigars, most of our rollers are women. We have the largest sales force of women within the cigar industry. In addition, our warehouse here in Miami is led by a woman, so we have always been on the scene. I think that as a woman, we are typically propped, which can be good, but I realize we do more than just hold a cigar and look pretty. We’re selling cigars, we’re making cigars, we’re sitting in those workrooms and having discussions about marketing and sales. My experience has always been that some men can think we, as women, do not necessarily have the same knowledge as men, but for the most part, it isn’t like that anymore. Women are here to stay in the cigar world. 

Jean: What advice do you have for women entering into the cigar space?

Izzy: I think as women, we are nurturers, so we seem to ask first and seek approval, but do your thing. Lead your own boat, ask the questions that need to be asked, and stand firm with your decisions. It’s not any easy world at all, trust me I get it, but you have to be true and authentic to yourself. If you don’t like a certain cigar, don’t smoke it. If you have questions always ask questions, there are so many women and men that will answer those for you. Seek mentors just like any other profession, and once you are in the right place, be a mentor for someone else. 

Jean: How did you start smoking cigars?

Izzy: I was in Chicago, smoking hookah at the time, and a friend of mine told me to come out with him and smoke cigars. I said, I don’t smoke cigars, but he said that I needed to find a different quality of lifestyle guys, and these are good guys. I truly went to meet some guys, but I fell in love with cigars. In this whole process, I was also introduced to Drew Estate cigars because of the wide variety available. That is how I got in the fold. I was smoking hookah and thought a cigar would be too strong, but it’s not and that is how I got here today.

Jean: What is your favorite Drew Estate cigar if you had to pick?

Izzy: The one I am smoking right now! Herrara Habano. It goes across all boards. I have a go to cigar in all the brands. If I am smoking an Acid, it’s the Cold Infusion. If I’m smoking a Liga, it’s the T52. If it’s the Undercrown, I go between the Shade and the Maduro. It depends on the time of day. Deadwood, probably Fat Bottom Betty, but hands down, I am going to go for Herrera Habano all day every day. 

Jean: What is your favorite cocktail to drink with your cigar?

Izzy: Old Fashioned! I’m a bourbon girl. It’s so simple. I like an Old Fashioned or bourbon neat. You can have that drink with any cigar that we have, and I will stick to that!

Jean: Well, it’s about that time, so we can let you head out and grab some bourbon, a cigar and send you to enjoy this beautiful day.

Izzy: Thank you!

Jean: No thank you! We loved getting the time to chat with you and learn all about what you do with Drew Estate. 

Hopefully you will run into Izzy at a Drew Estate event such as Barn Smoker, but for the mean time you can follow her IG @drewestateizzy.


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