La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar

We want to start 2021 off with a bang for all our Testing Lab members and the LGC Society on Cigar World. You’ve been the best group of cigar-fans we could ever ask for, and we want to show our gratitude. 

That’s why we’re launching The Society Cigar, a fan crafted smoke that’s created by you, for you. That’s right. You pick the blend. You pick the packaging. You pick the name. And La Gloria Cubana crafts the cigar.

How to Get Started

Join the La Gloria Cubana Society Group on Cigar World, as well as the Cigar World Testing Lab, and if approved, you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to help choose the blend details, the packaging, even the name, as well as filling out complete surveys that’ll set the groundwork for the future of tobacco at La Gloria Cubana.

If you’re already in both groups, that’s awesome, and you don’t have to do anything at this point, just wait for the email from us.

Any questions, just let us know in the comments below.

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    Eric Laird

    (32 days ago)

    **The Medio Tiempo was the first cigar that I had after Lent ended (when I do not smoke) on Easter Sunday. I paired it with Jim Beam Signature Series High Rye content bourbon. It had a very nice appearance and firm construction. The cold draw revealed hints of wood and leather. When toasting the foot, I got more hints of wood. The first third of the cigar showed cashew nut and cream. The second third moved the strength level from Medium to Mild/Medium which remained for the rest of the tasting. The cigar lost its complexity during the second third. Cashew notes dissapeared and only wood and slight leather remained. The finish was brief and it took about one hour to enjoy. This would be a great cigar to offer to a group of smokers with varying experience levels- not too long, not too strong, not too complex. In retrospect I would have paired it with a pilsner beer, rum, coffee, or brandy. Not enough body to hold up to Scotch or Bourbon. **

    I hope that these observations are helpful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate.

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    (38 days ago)

    Mine was sent last week. Reviewed it after getting an email 4 days later. The problem is that I did a lengthy review and they really want limited info...

    Regardless, here is my review General:

    Lab testing cigar

    Medio Tiempo from La Gloria Cubana

    For The Testing Lab, Cigar world

    Tasted by Charles "Chuck" Creteau, LSW

    Tasted at 2:30 pm 3/24/21

    The cigar:

    The Medio Tiempo Robusto at first glance is a very veiny cigar with pronounced midribs (Aka the stem) and a coffee color with a rough cap.

    Cut and initial smell:

    There is no pronounced legiero seen in the foot, smell pre-light has a slight mushroom/earthy scent that is reminiscent of some of my favorite cigars from the 90s during the cigar boom of that Era.

    The light;

    What better way then to light a new blend of La Gloria, then with my favorite La Gloria lighter!

    Upon first lighting the cigar i am greeted with the strong smell of pepper and slight taste of barley. There is also a unnatural sweetness associated with the cigar as if it was stored near a flavored cigar of some sort, but not stong enough to say for sure.

    As the cigar progresses it evens out on both burn and taste. The peppercorn finish smooths out to welcome charred almonds along its other robust tastes.

    The cigar starts as full and evens out to a medium/full cigar.

    There is a very slight bitterness to it making me wonder if this is not an ideal cigar to age a minimum of 6 months or more. Many with its flavor profile hold well and even become more melded with a slight aging to them. I would add that this cigar may be very desirable with a year or two added to it.

    Flavors change and strong peppercorn subsides to a nice toasty taste with almonds and hickory smoke on the palate.

    Strength 1 - 10 is a 8

    Body 1-10 is a 8.5

    Burn 1-100 is a 86

    Taste 1-100 is a 87

    Construction 1-100 is a 85

    Considered a strong cigar but on the low end of the strong cigars.

    Overall score is 87

    Please note that in reference to the sweetness to the cigar that i think it was kept prior to delivery near something flavored or sweet. Something very different about the taste in my mouth.

    Who is this cigar for:

    In order to answer that I would need to know the price.

    If this cigar retails for (Robusto) between $6.00-$8.99 it will have good sales.

    You will need to do the following for this to be successful

    A) make sure the infused taste i had is not intentional.

    B) market to the average to budget smokers that enjoy full body peppery cigars and want to buy a reasonably priced cigar.

    Pros: unique taste profile, decent burn, great story with the name, full bodied for the matured smoker, long time cigar smokers who like the pepper lacking in most cigars today will like this.

    Cons: there was a infused taste with this, please let me know if it was intentional as it was light and not pronounced and likely stored near something.

    Burned inventions, could use some age to it, very veiny.

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      Eric Laird

      (30 days ago)

      I got the same sweet taste as I started this cigar. It did go away after a minute or two. I thought that it might have come from the cigar glue that was used to assemble the cap...

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    Marty 1928

    (38 days ago)

    I really wonder if this is real or just someone getting info to rob or steal from you.

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      (38 days ago)

      I did my review

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    Marty 1928

    (38 days ago)

    I signed up and have never heard a word from them.

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    (39 days ago)

    I’ve signed up to take part in cigar testing but have heard nothing. Has anyone actually been contacted by LGC to participate?

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    (44 days ago)

    Got my email saying I was selected to review cigars and I am waiting for them. Just wondering if they were sent already? What do I do next?

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      (43 days ago)

      Hi JPuaoi,

      Cigars started shipping out last week and were still sending out early this week. So if selected for sampling should arrive hopefully at the latest early next week.

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    (57 days ago)

    I got a link for a survey but have not received a cigar to sample to do the survey properly. What do I do if no cigar shows up? I don't want to get dropped from the Testing Lab.

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      (43 days ago)

      Hi Elkadeo,

      We actually have multiple surveys for this TL with LGC. Some are related to the actual sampling of the cigar, some are more in general about LGC products. So would definitely checkout the survey as even those not selected to sample will get the other surveys.

      Cigars started shipping out last week and were still sending out early this week. So if selected for sampling should arrive hopefully at the latest early next week.

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    (2 months ago)

    All of them are super the cubre anaconda basin Orellana exc exc