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    (15 hours ago)

    What a great stick....held up, smooth draw and even burn to the nub.

    Only bought a single but a box is in the future

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    Steven LaMaster

    (6 days ago)

    WOW!!! Ricky, you did it again. The CAO Arcana Mortal Coil is Amazing. I can really taste the black licorice, dark chocolate and a hint of spice. What an amazing cigar. Plus the band is crazy. Took me 5 minutes to get it off the cigar.

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      Big Matt

      (44 hours ago)

      Black licorice!!! That's what it is! I could not place it until now. Thanks Steve!!!

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    (12 days ago)

    CAO Amazon Brazilia nice creamy medium bodied cigar with a smooth chocolate flavor. Very enjoyable

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    (17 days ago)

    CAO Italian Robusto . . . Because I am Sicilian and it is an outstanding smoke . . . Anything from Ricky Rodriguez is Dressed to the 9's!!!

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    (17 days ago)

    The Flathead is magnificent!

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    (18 days ago)

    CAO is for sure a quality great and so beautifully tasting cigars and 💨 💨

    love the CAO smoke 💨 💨 💨