After a long wait, the Amazon has given us its unique Braganca tobacco once again. For those who need a refresher on our one-of-a-kind Amazon Basin cigar, here it is.Shaped By the Rainforest: The Braganca leaf is unique to its core. From its taste to the unconventional way it grows in the Amazon. Typically, our tobacco is planted in rows, but in this case, the forest dictates how it’s planted by wherever sunlight is available.  A Cigar Worth Waiting For: Once the Braganca leaves are harvested, they are put through a unique fermentation process. Hand rolled into tubes, the leaves are wrapped in a thick rope where they then spend six months naturally fermenting.A CAO Cigar is Born: Once finished aging, Amazon Basin is born. Creating a smoking experience like none other, this cigar is truly one worthy of any humidor.Available in 6 x 52 - The perfect size to take you on a journey through the Amazon. We were lucky that the Amazon had more Braganca tobacco because a cigar this good is worth waiting on mother nature. Comment below with your favorite CAO Cigar by 11/17/16 at 5pm CST and be entered to win some signed swag from Ricky Rodriguez. Happy Smoking,CAO Cigars

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