TRIGGER WARNING!!!! TRIGGER WARNING!!!! TRIGGER WARNING!!!! I'm sure you have a different top 5 list than me! But hey maybe we share of few of the same movies! Either way this was a very fun video to shoot and discuss with a bunch of younger guys and gals who frequent out shop. It's bad enough that many of my Millennial friends WILL NOT recognize my bonus movie as a Christmas movie, now it seems the next generation has has been deceived as well. What I really wanna know is do YOU recognize my BONUS movie at the end as a authentic Christmas movie??? Leave a comment below!!! Can you tell this discussion is a TRIGGER POINT for me ;) Oh, yea I'm also smoking this awesome American Classic Cigar by Alec Bradley that somehow get's lost in the discussion but I don't want you to lose out on this great deal. So see link below. INTRO MUSIC: Small Town Titans: Your a mean one Mr. Grinch Recorded at Hybrid Studios PA. ZEAL CIGARS RETAIL LOCATION: 15802 N Cave Creek PHX AZ 85032 M-SAT 11-7pm / SUN 2-7pm CIGAR REVIEWED: Alec Bradley American Classic ZEAL CIGARS WEBSITE: AMERICAN CLASSIC SAMPLER: FACEBOOK: Facebook ZT6 (Private Group) LINKEDIN: INSTAGRAM/ TWITTER @zeal.teamsix - #ZT6 @crookedbeardaz - Bradley SNAPCHAT: @crookedbeardaz - Bradley TWITTER: @ZealTeam6- #ZT6 @crookedbeardaz TIKTOK @bradreith

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