The cured leaves of Connecticut Shade designated for Macanudo arrive in the Dominican Republic. There, they undergo an intricate process of fermentation that is only used in Macanudo cigars. For two to three years, the tobacco is mulled and fermented. These time-consuming and labor-intensive methods are not used by any other maker of handmade cigars. With mulling and fermentation, the leaves slowly release ammonia, refining the flavor, and enhancing the color. The leaves also become more combustible, which is why it’s so easy to light a Macanudo. The binder and filler leaves of Macanudo undergo rigorous selection, and receive the same proprietary curing, aging and fermentation techniques as the wrapper tobacco. And while most other companies keep a few bales of tobacco on hand, we keep a full three years of tobacco in inventory. Having this special reserve of tobacco allows us to ensure consistent flavor, and is an important component of our proprietary blending process. When it comes to constructing Macanudo, our artisans approach their work with a true passion, and this is evident in every stroke of their hands. With Macanudo’s unique crowned head, the cigar’s impeccable quality is showcased. Blending the shoulder and the head of the cigar can only be achieved when there is the perfect amount of tobacco in the bunch. Rigorous inspection for quality takes place at every stage in creating Macanudo cigars. We never take shortcuts. From growing, to fermenting, grading, sizing and sorting the leaves, we pay meticulous attention to detail. Our cigars speak to the very definition of Macanudo – they are truly the very best. For those of you that remember the cigar boom of the mid 1990s, you’ll certainly recall how cigar manufacturers were struggling to meet demand, and many cut corners to bring their cigars to market. At the height of the cigar boom, Edgar Cullman was in the Dominican Republic, and inspected production of Macanudo. He was dissatisfied with the cigars, halted production and ordered the cigars to be destroyed. This cost the company millions of dollars, yet Edgar was unfazed. He felt the quality of Macanudo should never be compromised. This passion for the brand remains alive today, and is among the many reasons why Macanudo remains a best-selling cigar, nearly 50 years after it was first released.

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