Welcome to our story. We encourage you to sit back, light up and enjoy each great moment in Macanudo history with one of our cigars. Macanudo (v). - Super or terrific (derived from Argentina) Introducing: Edgar Meyer Cullman. . A brilliant entrepreneur with vision, leadership and a dream, his passion and dedication led to the creation of one of the world’s most successful cigar brands. Raised by a family of well-respected tobacco dealers, Edgar M. Cullman’s father began growing tobacco in Connecticut in the early 1900s. It was Edgar’s father, Joseph M. Cullman who pioneered tobacco growing in Connecticut. At one point, the family cultivated more than 18,000 acres of fine wrapper tobacco there. This very tobacco became the foundation of Macanudo... Edgar was educated at Yale and served in World War II. He learned to roll cigars in New York City in 1944, coincidentally, not far from where Club Macanudo is located today. Fast forward to the year 1961. Edgar M. Cullman teamed up with a group of investors to purchase General Cigar Company for $25 million. In 1969, Cullman’s General Cigar Company purchased the Temple Hall factory in Kingston, Jamaica. Temple Hall owned a small brand called Macanudo that was produced in a very small quantity for the British market. That would soon change in a big way… Comment below by telling us about your favorite Macanudo experience. We’ll send some lucky fans the cigar that started it all, Macanudo Café. Stay tuned for more moments in Macanudo history. - Team Macanudo

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