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Almost all hair or beard coloring products have an irritating and harmful ingredient to your skin, Para Phenylenediamine or PPD for short.
This is the primary ingredient that has led to chemical burns, allergic reactions, and side effects for people.
Their formula doesn't have any of this, or Ammonia, parabens, and a host of other ingredients known to irritate hair and skin.

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Welcome to the Cigar prop cigar review channel.

I am not the Cigar Advisor or Cigar Aficionado, you may not get a lot of valuable info, but you will get an honest cigar review. And I may make you laugh. In fact, this is more like a cigar podcast than a review.

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Note from company founder Snehal Patel:

I started Simpler hair color because I wanted an easier and safer way to dye my own hair and beard.
I hope it does the same for you. We're committed to providing the highest quality product and service in our industry, including offering hassle-free returns. Read More

Snehal Patel

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