"From the time I took it out of the bag and held it to my nose to the time I put it to rest in my ashtray, this cigar made a lasting impression on me. All around this was an effortless and undeniably pleasant smoke. With a near-perfect burn and draw, I didn't have to work to smoke this cigar which always heightens the experience for me. Although lighter with regards to body and complexity, the flavor was certainly not lacking and the transitions were smooth and made sense. I typically reach into my humidor for a stronger cigar but would not hesitate to start my day with this cigar accompanied by a solid cup of coffee. I would also recommend this stick to any beginner with a developing palate who is looking to broaden their horizons and start venturing into slightly more complex and flavorful smokes. I can't wait for the reveal as I would love to explore this cigar again!" -Noah S. (Noah)

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