Prime Time Special Edition is back, and tonight we are honored to welcome back the one and only Rafael Nodal. He is the Director of Product Capability for Tabacalera USA, and the co-founder of Aging Room Cigars.

Bear and Coop will smoke the new Aging Room Nicaragua Quattro Sonata – it’s the sequel to the highly acclaimed Aging Room Nicaragua Quattro. We’ll get the details on this project and plenty of the other “Great Things” happening at Tabacalera USA including another sequel, the Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua Diamante – and barber poles!

Bear is back from Europe and will get him to weigh in on some PCA thoughts in our second segment.

Finally, we have our United Cigars Presidents, Tabacalera USA Great Things are Happening, and Espinosa Today in Sports History segments! We will also bring a special “Ties The Bind” segment to tonight’s show!

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