As you may know, the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show is underway this weekend (July 7-11) in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the uninitiated, the PCA Trade Show is one of the premier events on the cigar calendar, and it provides brands with a wonderful opportunity to showcase some new and limited-edition releases. 

On that note, today, we’ll list a few of the most eye-catching PCA releases that got our attention in a big way! Let’s get to it.

post v2

Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley has three PCA releases this year. First up is Post Embargo Blend Code B15 –– the first full-time release from Alec Bradley since Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) acquired it earlier this year. 

Second is Magic Toast 5th Anniversary, a limited-edition follow-up to one of PCA 2018’s most beloved releases.

Finally, Alec Bradley is unveiling a new edition to an industry favorite series: the unique and high-quality Fine & Rare BCN-143. 

bull moose

Chillin’ Moose

It’s not every day you see a cigar band with a Moose on it. In fact, Chillin’ Moose is the only brand we know of that has one. In any case, the Moose is loose again with a big, bold Maduro version of their large-ring gauge “Bull Moose” line. 



Justin Andrews and A.J. Fernandez have joined forces again to create a Diesel cigar with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Find out more here.

El Rey

El Rey del Mundo 

Known for some hefty, darker cigars, El Rey del Mundo is breaking new ground with a full-time Connecticut Shade cigar called Shade Grown.” It will also be available in a limited-edition Lonsdale frontmark.


La Gloria Cubana 

Fans of Lady La Gloria will be pleased to hear that La Gloria Cubana has two new cigars lined up for PCA 2023: Serie S Maduro –– a slightly darker follow-up to the popular Serie S –– and 2023 8th Street –– a limited-edition “sequel” to La Gloria Cubana 8th Street, which was crafted in Miami, Florida. 



For the first time, Partagas has utilized a Mexican San Andrés wrapper for one of their cigars. Dubbed Valle Verde (after the “green valley” of San Andrés), this new cigar features a striking green band and box to go along with its innovative blend.

room 101


Matt Booth and Room101 are back with another anxiously awaited anniversary cigar. (The 14th Anniversary, to be exact.) If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a Room101 Anniversary Cigar, you know just how exciting this new smoke is!

To be fair, this is just a sampling of what’s on offer at PCA –– so be sure to sign up for Cigar World for more information and updates about all your favorite brands. Plus, let us know what PCA release you’re most looking forward to trying in the comments!

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  • Member Avatar
    (10 months ago)

    Just picked up a post embargo. Im gonna let it sit in the humidor for a while first. Anyone have a review?

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    Great smoke , burned evenly, great taste

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    This stick is Amazing! The retrohale in one word AMAZING! very sweet, toasty, with a graham cracker taste. I love it

  • Member Avatar
    (12 months ago)

    Can’t wait to burn this one!

  • Member Avatar
    (12 months ago)

    LGC's Series S Maduro should already be arriving at retailers. They shipped out last weekend. Looking forward to burning one.