As some of you may have seen, we’ve added a new category to Cigar World: The Blend!

The Blend will be your one-stop shop for all of your favorite Cigar World-featured, cultural, and lifestyle content, such as Shop Dogs, Tobacconist Tuesday, Roast and Toast, and more!

If you need some help finding your way around the new section, we’ve got you covered below!


Shop Dogs

When you walk into your favorite cigar shop, you encounter the familiar environment that you love. The smell of delicious, aged tobacco, the humid air produced by the humidor, the usual cigar enthusiasts gathered around catching up on the usual topics, and in some shops the friendly face of a furry friend! Check out the collection of Cigar World Featured Shop Dogs below!

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Tobacconist Tuesday

Local retailers are the lifeblood of the Cigar Industry and often create gateways for those, both novice and experienced, to continue their journey in cigars! We at Cigar World have enjoyed telling the story of some of those tobacconists who have done an exceptional job building a community! Check out the Cigar World featured tobacconists collection below!

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Roast and Toast

Nothing enhances the experience of a cigar like a perfectly curated pairing. We’ve got you covered for pairing guides and the story behind iconic pairings and their heritage. Check out the Cigar World featured Roast and Toast collection below!

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Artisan’s Corner

Artisan’s Corner was created to showcase the expert craftsmanship of individuals inside and outside of the cigar category. You will find everything from expert woodworking, knifework, 3D printing, and so much more, as well as the stories of the great individuals behind the craft. Check out the Cigar World featured Artisan’s Corners collection below!

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Women’s Crush Wednesday

On Cigar World, we are fortunate enough to feature exceptional women in cigars. The Sisters of the Leaf are incredibly important to our community and the advancement of the industry. See below as we continue to showcase these important women in cigars and tell their stories!

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In 2024, we started our series of Cigar City World Survival Guides to bring you information about specific cities, such as cultural and historical information, places to go, people who live there that you may see, and all sorts of other interesting and entertaining content. Check out the Cigar World City Survival Guides collection below!

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