DISCLAIMER: The angled adaptor for the power cable is not included with this humidifier and is provided by Cigar Oasis upon request. I review the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 after a month of use. This is the newest line of Cigar Oasis "set and forget" electronic humidification systems. Check out all their products at www.cigaroasis.com You find my full written review at: http://www.irobusto.com/humidifier-review-cigar-oasis-excel-3-0/ Follow me on social media, too! Facebook: CutLightSmoke https://www.facebook.com/cutlightsmoke Twitter: CutLightSmoke https://twitter.com/cutlightsmoke Instagram: CutLightSmoke http://instme.com/profile/cutlightsmoke

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