You can check out Good Cigar Co. by heading over to their website Don't forget to head over to our Patreon page ( ) and check out the great discounts offered to our Patrons! Also if you are into cold brew coffee, make sure you check out my newest channel, Cold Brew Mechanic → Welcome to the Cigar prop cigar review channel. I am not the Cigar Advisor or Cigar Aficionado, you may not get a lot of valuable info, but you will get an honest cigar review. And I may make you laugh. In fact, this is more like a cigar podcast than a review. Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter. → Follow Cigar prop on Twitter at Follow Cigar prop on Instagram at Follow Jessica (aka Miss Cigar prop) on Instagram at Check out the Cigar prop Facebook page at To join the I'd Tap That Cigar Club on Facebook Check out for quality custom portable cigar rests and other accessories. Also, make sure you head you check out the channels of a few of my favorite cigar reviewers. You can find Bob the Cigar Guy at Vik High Desert Man at Martin Amaya at The Don Reviews Smoke N Lead Cigar Artistry #cigars #cigar #cigarprop Thanks for watching our January 2020 Good Cigar Co. Cigar of the Month Club Unboxing.

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