For the first time, Cohiba is introducing a Lancero. The new cigar is an extension of the Cohiba Riviera line. Released last year, Riviera is also the only box-pressed Cohiba and the only Cohiba to feature a Mexican San Andrés wrapper. The new Cohiba Riviera Lanceros (size 7 X 38) will begin shipping to retailers this May. 


Cohiba Riviera Tasting Notes & Blend Breakdown

Cohiba Riviera is named after the surrounding “riviera” geography of the Mexican San Andrés Valley — a famous growing region defined by its volcano-enriched soil, naturally cool climate, and abundance of running fresh water. Beneath the Mexican San Andrés wrapper, Cohiba Riviera contains a Honduran Connecticut binder and Honduran Jamastra, Honduran La Entrada, Nicaraguan Estelí, and Nicaraguan Condega filler tobacco. 

Cohiba Brand Ambassador Sean Williams said this about the new Riviera Lancero: “The Lancero is a sophisticated vitola, and it was with great intention that we chose to debut this format under the Riviera line. Cohiba Riviera embodies the brand’s style and substance in a way that is classically modern, and our resurgence of this classic size feels new and contemporary in its box-pressed format, especially under the Riviera umbrella.”

In addition to the Lancero size, Riviera is also available in box-pressed Toro (6.5 x 52), Perfecto (6 x 60), and Robusto (5 x 52). 

Tasting notes include dark chocolate, coffee, cream, and an overall richness to the smoking experience. It is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke. Bourbon, cognac, single malt scotch, and single malt whiskey are recommended pairings for Cohiba Riviera.


Cohiba Riviera Product Information and Availability

The Riviera Lancero is a full-time addition to the Cohiba Riviera lineup. SRP per cigar is $14.99. The Riviera Lancero will share the same purple and silver branding as the other sizes. It is available in boxes of 15 cigars. 


About Cohiba

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  • Member Avatar
    (46 days ago)

    The general consensus seems to be that the Lancero vitola is experiencing somewhat of a comeback. Sounds interesting, and tasty!

    • Member Avatar
      (42 days ago)

      totally agree with you, not to mention it is the vitola hardest to produce, I myself was never a smoker of one and now and finding great joy smoking them, brings back a very nostalgic feeling with ever draw

    • Member Avatar
      (41 days ago)

      Very cool.

      Re: nostalgia, yesterday I ordered some Candela Lanceros -- Espinosa Wasabi. I couldn't believe I found some! I love the Wasabi Robustos. Not that I smoked Lanceros back in the day, but I do remember thin(er) gauge Candelas. They're very hard to find. So, I'm looking forward to smoking them when they're ready, and reminiscing about years long gone by. Cheers!