What's going on Cigar Snobs? We've got Hurricane Dorian bearing down on us but we figured we should clear out all of these packages before we lose power. Thanks to all of the companies that sent us mail: JC Newman (jcnewman.com), Archetype Brewing (archetypebrewing.com), Oliva Cigars/Nub Cigars (olivacigar.com), and Davidoff of Geneva (davidoffofgeneva.com), PSB Speakers (psbspeakers.com), Newair (newair.com)! In the video Erik Calviño is smoking a Montecristo 50 Años that was given to me by Rafael Nodal. Jamilet Calviño is smoking a Drew Estate BOTL from a box sent in by Joe Gro. Good luck to all who are in the cone of this incoming storm. Stay safe, be smart, and smoke your best cigars to celebrate when Dorian is out of our hair! Not subscribed to Cigar Snob? Let's fix that: http://shop.cigarsnobmag.com/ Cigar Snob on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cigarsnobmag Cigar Snob on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cigar-Snob-Magazine Cigar Snob on Instagram: http://instagram.com/cigarsnobmag Enjoy!

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