No. Don't mix RH (Relative Humidity) of Boveda within the same humidor.

Boveda keeps cigars well humidified in a humidor by adding or absorbing moisture as needed. If the RH drops below what’s printed on the pack, the Boveda releases water vapor, which is pulled in by cigars and the environment inside a humidor.

If you mix Boveda RHs in the same humidor, the lower RH pack will absorb the water vapor from the higher RH pack. The former switches focus from regulating a cigar’s moisture level to taking in moisture from the other pack.

The tobacco cannot absorb moisture as fast as Boveda can because it’s engineered to quickly adjust the environment inside a humidor when there’s a moisture or temperature threat.

So when you use Boveda, never mix RH. Within a humidor, stick with just one RH at a time to properly humidify cigars. Choose among 65%, 69%, 72% OR 75% RH.

When storing cigars with Boveda, remove any humidification products you’ve tried in the past, like wet sponges, crystals, gels, beads. shot glasses of water, etc. These ineffective cigar humidifiers will reduce the efficacy of Boveda’s 2-way humidity control. Boveda is all you need!

Shop Boveda to achieve the right RH in a humidor here:

What to do with a partially used Boveda pack that doesn’t match the RH in your humidor:

If you ordered a multi-pack of Boveda, the unwrapped Boveda were shipped in a resealable bag. You can put your partially used—but not expired—Boveda back into the bag it came in. Gently squeeze out any excess air from the top of the bag before carefully re-zipping or refolding it closed every time.

If you already discarded the original packaging, no worries. Simply store your Boveda in an airtight container that has a strong moisture seal, like a Tupperware® or Ziploc® container.

Depending on the storage container and its surrounding environment, you can expect Boveda to last 6 to 9 months in an airtight tupperdor.

TIP: On the day you start using a Boveda pack, write the date on it—anywhere on the flat part that frames the outer edge of Boveda will do. (Use a felt tip marker instead of a sharpened pencil or hard-tipped pen.)

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