"On a grey, gloomy rainy Northern NY day, the kind that makes Eeyore on downers look like Richard Simmons on meth, I decided to take a break from the doldrums of watching my life pass me by, and throw on some Type O Negative, and light up this cigar known only to me as "1001." A nice looking cigar, brownie tannishy in color, typical of Connecticut wrappers, a pleasant smell of barn and tobacco. On the light up and first third, I got hints of lamb chops, BBQ oysters and diet Coke. Ok, maybe not. Cedar and white pepper were the dominant flavors through to the last third, wherein some leathery hints were thrown in. All in all, a good smoke, great construction, no burn issues, and thank goodness it didn't really taste like BBQ oysters. A good mild to medium smoke to be enjoyed with coffee I think, then again i haven't met a cigar yet that didn't go good with coffee. I wouldn't mind one of these for a good morning coffee, ease into the day, one, perhaps, that isn't doomy and gloomy as this day." -Joseph S. (Bearded Bastard)

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