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Umbagog & Old Fashioned Edited

Listening to Mrs Deputy Mayor, I pulled out a nice cigar (instead of an unknown or average stick) to enjoy today. So I selected a Dunbarton Umbagog (by Steve Saka), from the 2019 Quad State Herf (thanks Charlie!!).

To pair with such a nice cigar, I made an Old Fashioned with Woodford Reserve bourbon. And I used an orange rind instead of lemon rind this time … and really liked the orange in it MUCH better!

The Umbagog was dark and rich, with sweet, rich flavors, too! Have to get some more!

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    (10 months ago)

    Those are good for the price I might add

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    (10 months ago)

    Never had that one, looks gorgeous!

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      Deputy Mayor of CW

      (10 months ago)

      If you like dark maduros, you’ll likely like this one!