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Thu Evening on the Deck with a CAO Mx2

Back home from WV. Spent the morning going from the Commissary to several grocery stores trying to find just a few things. Burned a lot of carbon doing so. Burned some anger by cleaning out the garage.

Have heard that except for TP, most of the empty shelves are due to the fact that tens of millions of Americans don’t cook at home, but now have to stock a pantry and fridge/freezer with things they must now cook at home. Warehouse guy in Sam’s Club today said things are slowing down and the supply chain is catching up.

Now settled down with a cooler temper on the deck with a CAO Mx2 (don’t believe I’ve ever had one). Very nice on the light and seems to continue to hold some nice flavors at the 1/3 point. Will have to get some more of these to test. Paired with Dalwinnie 15 Single Malt Scotch.

Mr. Punch supervised.

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    (13 months ago)

    Don’t know where this TP panic is coming from. This disease does not cause endless diarrhea.