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Ramón Bueso Genesis The Project Toro in my dirty garage

Smoked: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project

Today was “a day” so I decided to spend some time cleaning up the garage tonight…. Progress is slowly being made. For such a task, one chooses a “lower end” cigar…

I won a 6pk of the Ramon Bueso stogies a few months back on CBid. It was a decent deal, I think around $4/stick but that doesn’t account for the cool wooden ashtray/storage box that they came in.

Well, the first one, after maybe a week rest, was not good. Bitter, harsh, not enjoyable.

*The one I’m smoking tonight, well, it’s much better.

After resting for a few months at 69% this is actually a pretty good experience.

The first third was really rich and chocolaty. The middle is moving to more of a chocolate/espresso kind of flavor and I’m really loving it. There are sort of toasted pecan notes in the background too. Really pleasantly surprised.

Check out how dirty the work table is 🤭😶‍🌫️

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