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Mr. Punch and RANGER checking out the local American Legion deck for suitability

After many years of being a Life member of the VFW, decided to join the local American Legion post. They are very close to me, have a good (and cheap) bar and a nice smoking deck. Looks like it will become a favorite haunt.

Now on the deck with Mr. Punch checking out my new digs.

Having a nice Leaf by Oscar (Sumatra) gifted to me by that nefarious Harvey Pooka. Will have to hunt down that rascal and get even.

Going to have to train the barkeep to keep some good Single Malt Scotch. Pairing this very nice stick with a large coffee spiked with a heavy dose of Irish Whiskey. A good pairing that will work.

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    (12 months ago)

    Congrats Ranger! Enjoy the evening on "your new deck"! You too, Mr. Punch!

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    (12 months ago)

    Looks like they fixed the image upload challenge; uploaded this and it automatically sized and centered; Thank You!!!