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Smoked: Montecristo Espada

I was digging through the humidor and found 2 packages of 5 of these that I had forgotten about. They pair great with a bourbon. Great construction and very good flavor. They have the pepper flavor that I love. I found a bunch at other gems that I forgot about also.

This is a Pilotico no an Espada Fat fingers

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    (46 days ago)

    Don't ya just love finding those long-forgotten goodies?! Enjoy!

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      (45 days ago)

      I need to to go FIFO from LIFO. I had a bunch of 5 packs that I had forgotten about.

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      (45 days ago)

      I can dig it. Get it? Dig? 😁

      I had to look up the meaning of "FIFO." Yeah, LIFO could yield some nice well-aged sticks. I'm definitely enjoying the benefits of resting stogies for a while. A long while.