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Catching up on smokes...

Had a couple great sticks this week:

* Drew Estate Kuba Kuba (started my cigar life with these, so have to light one up now & again)

* CAO Brazilia (one of my Top 5 cigars since they 1st came out!)

* Camacho Ditka “Da Coach” Throwback (bought a 10-pack in Nov to try - good; not as good as the originals, but still good)

* Room101 Ichiban (lit this up yesterday while my Jeep getting serviced (I didn’t ask it if it’s “service” included a “happy ending” 🤪)

* The Uppsetters Rock Steady churchill (got this at last year’s Quad State Herf; it’s Steve Saka’s infused nod to his DE co-founder)

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    (11 months ago)

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    (11 months ago)

    That Upsetter looks awesome. Then again, I’m a huge reggae fan.