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CAO Torque Holiday 60 Edited

**Found it!! Can't wait to light it up. It's a tad bit taller than a 22oz Can of Beer. **

So I lit at 3:00pm and by 3:30pm I was still trying to get a good puff of smoke. It was fairly hard to draw because the head was packed kind hard. I used a draw tool to lossen it some. It worked but as slow as I tried to smoke it began to hotbox and get that cone ash. The burn had to be touched up several times because the wrapper was burning fast. By 4:15 I was able to enjoy it more when i got past the first 3rd. Overall I understand that it is a 8x60 so I was being patient with it. The construction was nice and a bit bumpy. The sweet spice lasted the whole time. I bought 2 so I'll update this when I smoke it if there's a difference. Thanks for reading. Go try for $13.99

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    Curious to see how the second one smokes