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Egg Roll & Chop Suey, a perfect night Edited

Friday night ended up nicely with Punch Chop Suey, followed by an Punch Egg Roll (so happy that I was finally able to track those down!). The strength and complexity of the Egg Roll was a nice surprise, and smoked longer than most cigars that size.

Note - I am just missing the Oktoberfest bobblehead, so good luck to whoever wins the Racer one (it is very cool)!

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    (3 years ago)

    Where did you locate these amazing smokes? Just curious about your retailer of choice....

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      (2 years ago)

      I got two boxes of eggrolls last year and the owner ordered and got me 2 boxes of chop suey this year... Mame who owns Smoke shop near Pittsburgh PA. Her ex husband is Kurt Kendal

      I like the eggroll blend and wrapper better but the chop suey size better. Guess next year a cigar in lancero with the egg roll blend and wrapper... Maybe called ramen noodles 😋