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Maduro Question

Has anyone else experienced every cap coming off their Mac maduros? I bought a 5-pack and 4, so far, have lost the cap when cutting. I've tried straight cut and punch. I like the flavor, but disappointed with the construction. I've not had that happen with any other Mac wrappers.

Same thing happened to the Vintage 1997 I had in my humidor for 5 months. Cap fell off immediately with the cut. Worse, the draw was so tight, I could not fight it and after 90 minutes let it go out at about halfway. Did not use draw on it, but didn't think I should have to on a $17 stick. Very disappointed. And the B&M where I bought it didn't seem to care that it was a problem.

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    (2 years ago)

    I have not had their Maduro so I cannot speak to the issue. If I had one cap problem then I let it go, but 4/5 is a problem. I would call or send an email to General Cigar Company.