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M by Macanudo Espresso With Cream review for Testing Lab

Smoked: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

M by Macanudo Espresso With Cream.

**First of all, I will not lie when it comes to flavor cigars, I do not want any of them. So when I got this cigar in the mail I was little bias. But once I cut it (V-cuts only) and light it, it really change my mind on flavors cigars. From the first draw I got a hint of cream after every pull. It wasn’t over powering but it was a good taste. This is a type of cigar you want to smoke in the morning to start the day, the cigar Itself is well put together. Smoke output is okay, the creamy taste after every pull is delightful, and the smell that comes from it is amazing. definitely change my mind with flavors cigars. **

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    (5 months ago)

    Havnt recieved any cigars yet since I just signed up, but looking forward to receiving and reviewing any cigars I recieve

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    (5 months ago)

    I got the email haven’t received my cigars yet. Can’t wait to try these.

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      (5 months ago)

      Hopefully you get it soon & that happen to me as well got the email first & couple days later came the cigar