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Camacho & Appleton (Goomba Style)

Smoked: Camacho Distillery Edition Corojo

Been looking at expanding my cigar pairing to things other than Scotch & Bourbon (not that there's anything wrong with that). Rum has always been a great choice, just trying to expand my rum repertoire, as well. Thanks for the recommendation Goomba, starting out with the "Signature" before possibly diving a little deeper. Trying to find a great sipping rum that goes with a more robust Maduro. Cheers!

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    (8 months ago)

    Definitely was a different taste than I'm used to but it was really good. Must of been, since my neighbor and I finished the rest of this bottle last night! I was looking at the 12 & 21 bottles, too. Again, thanks for the insight.

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    (8 months ago)

    I hope my recommendation doesn't let you down. If you like this, try some 12 yr old. Enjoy.