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20 Acre Farm

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After a short run of very average cigars, I am rewarded for my patience. Pairing a 20 Acre Farm robusto with morning coffee. Excuse the image below. I took the pic the night before when I planned to pair it with the Lagavulin 16 single malt scotch. That pairing may have worked, but I thought I'd try it with morning coffee.

Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper so I’m expecting mild to med-mild body. It’s medium body and medium strength start to finish. Straight burn line with a few touchups required and a nice open cold draw.

Flavor profile: cream, cashews, vanilla and a sweet note you could describe as honey or Honey Nut cereal, a hint of chocolate and yes I taste coffee, which begs the unanswerable question. Am I tasting coffee in the cigar or because I’m drinking coffee while smoking? Does it really matter? Pepper, wood and leather on the retrohale.

This cigar pairs OK with coffee but if I pair it again I will be with Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Old tawny port. This is a very good smoke. If you like Connecticuts, mild or medium bodied sticks, this is worth a try.

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20 Acre Farm


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    Yeah it's great