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CAO VISION 2022 Edited

Picked up a Vision yesterday and decided to fire it up this evening. Still in my first third and I can tell you it isn’t exciting me. First the draw: for a larger cigar at 52 Toro, I fired this up and I was off to the races. Nice draw, and even burn. Now to the taste: fairly boring and 2 dimensional. It has a very dry peppery flavor, and fairly underwhelming otherwise. I’m generally not a fan of Honduran wrappers and this cigar proves that out. I’m hoping that as I progress, the flavor profile will adapt. I just feel like I am smoking a typical soulless commercial product that is more hype than character. I had a similar feeling about BX3, which again is disappointing since CAO is where I truly cut my teeth (Soprano and MX2).

Of course I will withhold final judgement until the very end, but as of now, save your money and stick with what you know is God. I’m going to try Amazon Basin as I hear it is a great smoke.

What are your thoughts on the Vision 2022? Let me know in the comments.

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    (20 days ago)

    I have CAO in my weekly rotation, I too find this one a bit dull and did not live up to what was expected.

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      (17 days ago)

      Expensive and hyped, but failing to deliver satisfaction. I knew a gal like that once…

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    (23 days ago)

    I agree, rather benign smoke. I just had one at the lounge and was disappointed. I say that as a huge CAO fan.

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      (17 days ago)

      Perhaps less glitz and more substance is needed