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Brazilia Is A Winner

Full-flavored cigar with Nicaraguan fillers and a Brazilian wrapper. This classic will not disappoint!

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    (4 years ago)

    CAO Brazilia Gol! has been my go to cigar for years. I smoke one or two per day. No matter what other cigars I have tried, I always come back to these. I also like Cohiba, but they're too expensive, and I've found some Punch cigars that I like. However, my last 4 boxes of Brazilias have been lacking in the flavor that I'm used to and seem harsh and tasteless. I mainly order from JR Cigars and sometimes Thompsons. I'm not sure what's wrong with my Brazilias but instead of ordering anymore I've been smoking whatever I have been saving in my humidors while I age the Brazilias with mixed results. Has anyone else had a problem with the flavor of their CAO Brazilias?