This month, we headed into Germantown, Wisconsin to Metro Cigar, to feature our latest Shop Dog.
Meet Lacey Lu. She is a two-year-old English Bulldog, and bulldog she is! She most recently got excused
from doggie daycare due to being a bit bossy and deciding which doggos could hang with her play group
and who couldn’t. Don’t let that fool you though. Lacey Lu is a relatively calm dog with an occasional
case of the zoomies which might involve her leaping off the deck at home. That might not seem unusual
for many dogs, but in the case of English Bulldogs, this is pretty unusual. This is because Lacey Lu is quite
the athlete, and her dog food only diet may contribute to this.



She has been going into Metro Cigar since she was eight weeks old and has her favorite customers.
(They might also be the ones who bring her treats.) She is a fabulous greeter for the store and will very
politely wait for a head scratch or lovin’s. You may also find her loving on her mom, sitting at the bar,
trying to steal sips from a beer. Lacey Lu adores a good tennis ball, but after a short while, she will
demolish it, so with her love to chew, bones and sticks are great options for this pup. Want to make
Lacey Lu a happy gal? Then take her camping, on a long walk, out for some live music or just a day to
bask in the sun with a bone. What you don’t want to do is act like you are going to take her home and
then think you can change your mind. When it is time to go, she is on a mission and won’t be persuaded

The next time you find yourself in Germantown, WI make sure to stop by Metro Cigar and drop off a
bone for Lacey Lu!

Metro Cigars

N102W19455 Willow Creek Way

Germantown, WI 53022

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