If you’re looking for the best cigar bars in Tampa, there’s no doubt you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re traveling through Cigar City on vacation, for work, or if you’re a Tampa or St. Pete local that’s looking to kick back with a cigar, a drink, and maybe some eats, we’ve put together the best places to light up and enjoy the finer things in life.

So, don’t waste another minute. Grab your favorite stogies, a few pals, maybe your significant other, and take in everything that the Tampa Bay cigar scene has to offer.

#3 Cigar Bar Tampa: Cigars International Superstore

Yes, Cigars International, the same online megastore you buy your stogies from. Well, if you’re in Tampa looking for a laid back and unpretentious spot to smoke a cigar, don’t miss out on CI Superstore. Large open floor plan, tons of bar, high table or leather chair seats to choose from. No worries here, you’ll leave smiling like the CI logo.

Cigars: I mean, it’s Cigars International. The selection is second to none. By far one of the best humidors in the Tampa area. And their staff, pssh, they’re just so knowledgeable. And not one of those knowledgeable-just-to-hear-themselves-talk kind of knowledgeable. They take the time to ask you what you enjoy, and then suggest spot-on blends time after time.

Drinks: Prepare yourself before you see the drink menu. It’s more like a beer and spirits War & Peace. The best part of CI Superstore, they have a special part of the menu that’s dedicated to pre-selected drink and cigar pairings by their house experts. Hard to pass up if you struggle as much as I do when it comes to making decisions of this magnitude.

If you’re looking for more info on CI Superstore, find it here.

#2 Cigar Bar Tampa: Davidoff Tampa

It’s just too nice. Don’t get me wrong, this much “premium” isn’t a bad thing, it’s badass. Let’s just say, if you’ve ever wanted Iggy Azalea’s “I’m so fancy” to magically start playing in your head the second you open the door to a cigar lounge, well you’ve got it. Think, modern Bond villain layer meets contemporary cigar lounge.

Cigars: If the fact that the entire store is humidified doesn’t raise your eyebrows, not sure if anything will. The selection is nothing short of fantastic, but it can come at quite the price. I digress though, it’s Davidoff, what else do you expect.

Drinks: If you were to look up “full service bar” in the dictionary, it’s this. Once again, the word premium just slips off the tongue as instinct. The drinks are made with precision and care, and they’re pretty darn perfect pairings for any blend you select.

Want to delve further into Davidoff Tampa? Read it here.

#1 Cigar Bar Tampa: Grand Cathedral Cigars

If you consider yourself a cigar bar or cigar lounge connoisseur and you haven’t been to Grand Cathedral Cigars yet...well, you need to immediately drop what you’re doing, get on Kayak and book your trip to Tampa. This spectacular spot stays true to its name, an old cathedral that was beautifully revamped into possibly one of the chillest drink and cigar hangouts around.

Cigars: Not only do they host several of their house rolled premium cigars, they boast a delicious selection of gems from Arturo Fuente, JC Newman, Padron, and more.

Drinks: Sans cigar selection, one of my favorite touches was the cocktail menu. Not only did GCC have a solid little list of hand-crafted bevvys, but the names of the drinks got me big time. From the Old Testament (their take on an old fashioned) to the Take Me To Church (a tequila blanco w/ grapefruit) just absolutely smitten with the marketing. Oh, and they tasted great too.

Eats: They don’t have a kitchen per-say, but if you get hungry you’ve got the Smokey Pope food truck to rely on. Small bites to big bites, you can pick from a charcuterie board to their take on a steak and cheese with queso blanco sauce.

Interested in learning more about Grand Cathedral? Check it out.

Enjoy The Best Cigar Bars In Tampa!

From all of us at Cigar World, we hope you found this article helpful in your search for finding the perfect cigar bar in Tampa. So, next time you get a bit of “me time,” get out there and enjoy a night out on the town with your favorite people and your favorite cigars.

If there are any of your favorites that we left off the list, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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    (2 years ago)

    Was just in Tampa and happened across the Cigars International Superstore by accident. It's right next to Top Golf so if you plan it right you can have a very very good day.

    While not as big as these, King Corona International is in a good location (an outside mall) surrounded by a number of excellent restaurants. Nice seating inside and out with a nice walk-in humidor and good bar service.