No trip to Miami is complete without a visit to a cigar lounge. After all, Miami is a city steeped in cigar history, and it offers a range of fabulous cigar shops across its metro area. Whether you’re visiting for work or pleasure — or you live in South Florida — this list will help you find the perfect cigar lounge for your next evening out in Miami. 


Española Cigars

Want to plus-up your cigar experience with a 35 oz. Tomahawk steak? Then you’ve got to check out Española Cigar Bar and Lounge in Miami Beach! They boast an excellent selection of cigars and a classic dinner menu. 


Black Cat

Black Cat Cigar Lounge and Bar combines the best elements of a classic lounge with modern touches to ensure a relaxing and glamorous smoking experience. Plus, as its name suggests, the Black Cat has a full bar — so you can find the perfect drink to go with your smoke. 


Empire Social Lounge

Empire Social Lounge delivers the ultimate in upscale lounge experiences. Located in the heart of Miami’s financial district, Brickell, Empire blends a regal atmosphere with a tremendous selection of cigars and cocktails. 


Cigar City Lounge

Cigar City Lounge offers cigar lovers a range of tasty tapas and delightful apps to pair with cigars. Perfect for lunch, a quick bite, or a pre-dinner snack, Cigar City’s food menu may not be extensive, but its snacks go wonderfully with a premium cigar. 


Galiano Cigar Room

Located in the Coral Gables area, Galiano Cigar Room specializes in two things we love: cigars and whiskey. We could go on, but really, you should just check it out for yourself!


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