Cigars have the remarkable ability to make a good time great. After all, that’s one of the reasons why people love celebrating special occasions with premium smokes. So it stands to reason that if you love a good concert or music festival, having a few cigars to puff on between acts will only enhance your experience. But which cigars are best suited for a music festival? We’ll list a few of our favorites here: 

Hoyo Excalibur Cigarillos

Look, we all wish we could light up a Churchill cigar and enjoy it whenever the mood struck us. However, finding time to smoke an entire cigar during a busy event –– like a music festival –– can often be tricky. Enter: Hoyo Excalibur Cigarillos. Not only are these super convenient (they only take about 15 minutes to smoke), but they’re also good-quality cigars as well. 

Blackened M81 

Do you like to rock? Then you’ve got to try Blackened M81 by Drew Estate. Made in collaboration with James Hetfield (lead singer, Metallica), this full-bodied, San Andrés wrapped beauty delivers an awesome smoking experience that any aficionado –– or metalhead –– is sure to appreciate. Bring a few of these bad boys to your next rock festival and see how fast you make friends!

Super Fly by Oscar Valladares

This is one of the grooviest cigars we’ve ever encountered. From the 1970s nostalgia-heavy packaging to the creamy, oatmeal, and cocoa tasting notes, Super Fly is a cigar that’s always easy to enjoy. 

Room101 Doomsayer

Don’t be scared by the name – Room101 Doomsayer features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and offers smokers a bold, balanced, and refined experience. It is, also a very cool cigar that will fit in perfectly with smooth jams of any variety. 

E.P. Carillo Encore

Every outstanding performance needs an equally impressive encore, and that’s where E.P. Carillo comes in. Like most E.P. Carillo cigars, Encore is expertly crafted and critically acclaimed. This is an excellent cigar and a great call for any occasion –– particularly after a music festival or concert. 

What’s your favorite cigar to enjoy during a concert or festival? Sign up for Cigar World and let us know with a comment below!

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    U can't smoke anywhere nowdays

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    (7 months ago)

    T9 Drew Estate

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    (7 months ago)

    I was surprised you didn't include any AVO cigars, since he's so involved with music.