There comes a point in every cigar smoker’s life when they consider purchasing a cigar subscription. After all, if you plan on buying cigars regularly, why not join a monthly service that gives you benefits and bonuses at the same time? With that in mind, today we’ll highlight some of our favorite cigar subscriptions that are worth the price –– plus –– break down which one is right for you and your situation. 

JR Cigars –– Cigar of the Month

JR Cigars is an excellent place to start our list. First, because JR Cigars has a wide selection, you can count on their cigar subscription to provide plenty of quality and variety. And second, JR Cigars offers members the chance to try out their service for a month. So if you’re unsure about committing to a three-or-six-month plan, this is a good option. Lastly, this subscription is on the cheaper side, so it’s budget-friendly as well!

Cigars International 

Still new to the cigar hobby? Or have a friend you want to introduce to cigars? Then the Cigars International Cigar of the Month Club may be the way to go. For just a shade over $20, you can get a single-month subscription and receive four premium cigars. Or you can double your order for $35. 

Cigar of the Month Club

The Cigar of the Month Club offers members a sophisticated taste of the good life. While their “standard” package includes five premium cigars at a reasonably-priced $32.95, you can also upgrade to their “rare” package –– which comes with limited-production cigars and exotic blends that true aficionados are sure to love. Also, Cigar of the Month Club offers subscriptions for other refined products like wine, cheese, and chocolates. Just think –– you could have the finest cheeses and cigars delivered right to your home!

Cigar Club

Last but certainly not least, we have to talk about the cigar subscription from Cigar Club. This is a fabulous choice for anyone looking to expand their cigar horizons. What we love about this subscription is that you can customize your order based on whether you prefer mild, medium, or full-bodied cigars. Plus, you can order as many as ten cigars per shipment –– so you’re guaranteed to discover some new gems if you try it out. 

What do you make of our list? Is there a cigar subscription service you swear by? Let us know by signing up for Cigar World and commenting below!

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