Look, we get it. Buying an entire box of cigars can be a big decision! If you’re going to shell out hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of dollars on cigars, you want to ensure you’ll enjoy them first. Thankfully, cigar sampler packs offer new smokers the chance to taste numerous cigars while allowing seasoned aficionados to explore new blends. There are a ton of great cigar samplers on the market, but here are a few we’d recommend. 

CI Taster Pack: Mellow

Whether you’re new to the cigar category or just love good Connecticut Shade smokes, the Mellow Taster Pack from Cigars International is a solid place to start. With iconic cigars from brands like Macanudo, CAO, Camacho, and Montecristo, this sampler represents an excellent pick-up. 

Alec Bradley Taste of the World

Alec Bradley is a brand known for innovation, which is one reason why we love their Taste of the World sampler. Each of the six cigars inside has something special that’s worth noting –– whether that’s exotic tobacco (like the Panamanian filler in the Black Market) or critical acclaim (like the Prensado, which won Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year in 2011). You basically can’t go wrong with this sampler. 

CRA Freedom Sampler

This is a collection of cigars you won’t see every day –– partly because this is a limited-edition sampler. The Cigar Rights of America (CRA), a consumer organization that advocates for lower cigar taxes, among other things, has put together another limited-run sampler for 2023. The newest version features cigars from Rocky Patel, Oliva, Tatuaje, Padron, La Flor Dominicana, and more. 

Pack of Punch

While you’ve probably heard of Punch Cigars (and its zany mascot, Mr. Punch), you may not know that four Punch Cigars have received 93 ratings from Cigar Aficionado. You can get all four of them (Clasico, Diablo, Gran Puro, and Grand Cru) in one sealed and humidified pack. What’s not to like about that?

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    That Punth pack ith the besth

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    I loved the Tatuaje sampler packs. Great selection and price point.