Variety is the spice of life. But spicy cigars are the variety you need in your humidor.

Taking on a spicy cigar can sound intimidating, but just like spicy food, a well made spicy cigar can really accentuate excellent blends and take a cigar to the next level. We’re going to give our recommendations for spicy cigars at the bottom, but before we do that, let’s break down what makes a cigar a spicy cigar.

What gives a cigar spicy tasting notes?

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat: there are cigars that have notes of spice (i.e. black pepper, red pepper, clove, etc.) and then there are cigars that are spicy.

Both could be called “spicy cigars,” and we’re going to talk about both in this blog, but we just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page from the start.

Cigars with notes of spice, essentially provide flavors similar to specific spices when you take a puff of your stogie. These cigars are made with tobaccos with tasting notes that provide flavors similar to that spice when you take a puff, just like some cigars provide sweet tasting notes.

On the flip side, there are spicy cigars like CAO Zocalo which are made with tobaccos that provide a literal spicy feeling in your mouth when you take a puff. Just like cigars with notes of spice, this effect is a result of the tobaccos used and the region in which that tobacco is grown.

Are peppery cigars spicy cigars?

Technically, yes. One of the most common tasting notes for full bodied and full flavored cigars is black or white pepper.

But not all cigars with notes of pepper give you that spicy feeling in your mouth when you take a puff.

On Cigar World, we’ve got cigars with tasting notes such as black pepper, white pepper and even red pepper. All of these cigars are “peppery” and technically all of them are spicy in the sense that they have flavor notes of spices, but most are not spicy to smoke.

If you want our best recommendations on cigars that are spicy and have notes of spice, we’ve listed a few in the section below.

What are Cigar World’s favorite spicy cigars?

CAO Zocalo

Probably our favorite spicy cigar. Zocalo’s subtle sweetness balances out the spicy Nicaraguan binder and fillers that bring out the best in one another.
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Cohiba Royale

A full-bodied and spicy powerhouse, the ultra-luxury Cohiba Royale is another spicy cigar you don’t want to pass up.
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Hoyo de Monterrey La Amistad Gold

Blended by industry legend AJ Fernandez, La Amistad Gold is a world-class medium / full bodied smoke that defines the spicy cigar category. Don’t pass up this cigar at your local Brick and Mortar.
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What cigars have notes of spice?

Diesel Crucible

One of our newest full-bodied favorites, Crucible is full of incredible flavor notes of spice, berries, and dark chocolate. Definitely try this limited release blended by AJ Fernandez.
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La Gloria Cubana Estelí

Handmade in Nicaragua, this interpretation of La Gloria’s iconic original is packed full of flavor with notes of cedar, spice and white pepper.
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Partagas Legend

A legendary blend with a legendary amount of flavor. The award-winning Connecticut-wrapped cigar is chock-full of sweet, spice and leather tasting notes.
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Explore the rest of Cigar World’s cigars with notes of spice

We’ve covered some of our favorites, but we’ve got a whole website full of amazing cigars with notes of spice.

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Now go get spicy

Whether you’re looking for some spicy feelings, or just some spicy flavors, you should now be an expert on spicy cigars. If you have any favorite spicy cigars, or any tips or tricks you think we should’ve covered, drop a comment to help out your fellow Cigar World brethren.

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