The best cigars for special occasions

Most of life’s big events go perfectly with a celebratory cigar, from graduations to bachelor parties, weddings and the birth of babies, special occasion cigars are a great way to celebrate. 

We’ve organized a list of some of the best cigars for special occasions.

Cigars for bachelor pary

Cigars for a bachelor party

Cigars for a bachelor party can set the tone for a great night out or a great weekend. There are few things to keep in mind before making a purchase. 

If you’re smoking with newbies, it might be a good idea to try a cigar that will please pretty much everyone’s palette. 

Macanudo Heritage Nuevo is a great option. It’s a mellow, smooth cigar that draws evenly from beginning to end. Even a beginner smoker will appreciate this Macanudo classic. 

Or you could try a Rocky Patel Connecticut. These cigars have a mellow body and lasting flavor. 
If your bachelor party cigar crew is full of aficionados limited releases are a great way to mark the occasion.

Check out Macanudo Estate Reserve. It's blended with rare tobaccos. The excellent Connecticut Shade wrapper makes it one of the best, limited-edition smokes around. 

The Punch Rare Corojo is a great cigar for a bachelor party. It's Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is very rare and has a strikingly smooth taste. 

Best Bachelor Party Cigars

Cigars for a wedding

Cigars for a wedding provide a special way to celebrate a big day. Whether you’re sharing a few with the wedding party or getting cigars for every guest, there are a lot of options to consider. 

Consult your local tobacconist. Trust the experts and ask for a few recommendations. If you’re buying large boxes for wedding cigars you may want to try one before you buy. 

Our wedding cigar recommendations include:

CAO Gold Vintage appeals to smokers across all levels, with a medium-bodied and satisfying flavor. This cigar is a crowd-pleaser.

Macanudo Gold label is a limited edition line of cigars, featuring golden Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves. It will pair well with coffee after desserts or a bar full of IPAs.

Best cigars for new dads

New baby cigars may sound old-school, but the tradition is a great way to celebrate this major life milestone. Celebrating dads often hand out cigars to friends and family, after welcoming a little one. So what are the best cigars for new dads?

Rocky Patel makes an “It’s a Boy Cigar” or Southern Draw makes the pink Rose of Sharon. You can also get several different varieties of factory-grade “baby” cigars online. 

If you’re looking for something a little more special we suggest

Macanudo Vintage 2006. This cigar is truly one for special occasions, made with an extraordinary crop of shade tobacco. Adorned with an embossed removable metal band, Macanudo Vintage 2006 is a cigar of great distinction.

Cohiba Connecticut is the smoothest creation in this line of luxury cigars. Enjoy a moment of calm before the parenting fun begins. 

CAO Flathead is a box-pressed collection with consistently stellar ratings year after year. Flathead remains one of the premium cigar category's most popular limited edition cigars.

Before you buy...

Before you buy here are a few tips. 

  1. Don’t break the bank. A more expensive cigar doesn’t always equal a better cigar. 
  2. If you’ll be smoking with new cigar smokers, try something mild. Connecticut wrappers typically offer a mellow smoke.
  3. Use our find your perfect cigar tool to find the cigar that’s just right for your occasion. You can also use the tool to pair your preferred beverage of choice.
  4. Don’t forget to check out Cigar World groups and ask around for a recommendation.

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  • Member Avatar og

    Deputy Mayor of CW

    (10 months ago)

    Shortly after our daughter got engaged, I and the groom-to-be’s dad got together over cigars, bourbon and scotch. We agreed we wanted to provide cigars to our guests. Knowing not everyone likes cigars but that some would want to try one, we agreed to split two boxes - one for newbies and one for the real cigar enthusiasts. After trying various cigars, we got:

    * CAO Black - for the newbies, this was a perfect blend of smooth flavor and great looks!

    * Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro - a rich, flavorful cigar that looked incredible when presented in its square aluminum tube.

    Later that night, when the kids were all dancing crazy, we dads went outside for cigars. And literally like half the party went with us! We ran out of the CAO Black cigars to hand out! I ended up hosting an impromptu cigar herf where I taught about 15 guys & gals how to cut, light & appreciate a good cigar.

    Later that night, I had our daughter and new son-in-law sign each of the remaining Padrons I had. Those now rest in my humidor, to smoke one each year on their wedding anniversary.