For the most part, cigar companies focus on what drinks pair best with their cigars. However, that’s not to say that a cigar cannot form a fabulous piece of a culinary experience. The truth is that capping off a fine meal with a premium cigar is often the highlight of the night (well, at least our night). And whether you’re itching to fire up the grill in your backyard or you have reservations for a romantic dinner, know that there’s a cigar that’s likely an ideal match for your favorite meal. Here are some of our top cigar and food pairings: 

Steak Dinner –– Weller by Cohiba 2022

Let’s start with a big one: the steak dinner. We’re talking about a 12 oz. New York strip, a loaded baked potato, and a big glass of bourbon on the rocks to go with it. For such an occasion, you must go with a spectacular cigar. Our pick is the Weller by Cohiba 2022 edition. Not only is this bold, striking cigar a fantastic smoke in its own right, but its Connecticut Broadleaf binder was aged in bourbon barrels at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

Cheeseburger/American  –– Knuckle Sandwich

If you’re headed to flavor town, you might as well bring Guy Fieri’s cigar along with you! That’s right, cigar legends Erik Espinosa and A.J. Fernandez teamed up with the celebrity chef to create the Knuckle Sandwich –– a pretty darn good cigar under normal circumstances, but even more worth your time following a juicy burger. 

Something Lighter (Chicken, Fish, Pasta) –– Montecristo White

Fans of Connecticut Shade cigars already know that mild and mellow flavors can still be incredibly delicious. As such, it’s no surprise that a classic like the Montecristo White label pairs delightfully with lighter menu items like chicken or fish. Something to remember for a casual date night or dinner with friends. 

Takeout –– Punch Egg Roll & Punch Spring Roll

Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, and have a great night out in town. Other times, though, it’s easier and more satisfying to sit on the couch, open a bottle of wine, flip on the TV, and eat a whole bunch of takeout. For nights like that, we recommend both the Punch Egg Roll and the newly-released Punch Spring Roll –– for obvious reasons. Heck, Spring Roll cigars even come in a takeout container instead of a traditional box!

Brunch –– Macanudo Inspirado White

We’ve established that plenty of cigars pair with dinner –– but what about everyone’s favorite weekend treat, brunch? For all the morning people out there, the Macanudo Inspirado White is a light and creamy option that partners especially well with a warm cup of coffee and a brunch spread.

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