Smoking outdoors can be a thoroughly relaxing experience . . . at least when the weather cooperates. Unfortunately, the elements aren’t always so kind to cigar smokers. And if you’re not lucky enough to have access to indoor smoking quarters all the time, you should have a plan in place to ensure the best outdoor smoking conditions possible. Thankfully, we’re here to help you on that front. 

Outdoor Smoking Tents

The tent is an excellent place to start for the outdoor smoking enthusiast. A quality plastic tent for hiking/camping purposes can also double as a shelter for enjoying a cigar –– so this is a solid investment if you ever see yourself smoking outdoors. (Note, a tent like this likely provides cover from the wind but is not precisely windproof.)

Sports Tent

If you only want a little protection from precipitation while you smoke, then a free-standing sports tent is a savvy play. These small, one-person tents are portable and cheap, and they’ll get the job done for a smoke in a pinch. 

Metal Party Tent

Like the name says, a metal party tent is a solid option for smokers who want to entertain at a barbecue or outdoor gathering. It may not be the sturdiest tent in the world, but it will provide enough shelter under most circumstances for you and a few of your closest smoking buddies. 

Pop-Up Canopy

Okay, now we’re getting serious. Not only can a pop-up canopy offer outdoor smokers a refuge in bad weather, but they look great and can be arranged as semi-permanent fixtures on a lawn or patio. Just make sure to get yourself some nice deck furniture to complete the scene. 

Outdoor Ashtrays

Of course, no outdoor smoking lounge is complete without a proper ashtray. Note, if you’re new to the cigar hobby, a cigarette ashtray won’t be big enough to handle a regular-sized cigar. And you may want to invest in an ashtray with a lid –– otherwise, a gust of wind could send ash flying everywhere.

Tommy Bahama Ashtrays

Fun, colorful designs. Options to hold 1, 2, or 4 cigars. Reasonable prices. What’s not to love? In our book, all that makes a Tommy Bahama ashtray a great call for outdoor smoking. 

Wooden Ashtray

Looking for something a little more rustic? Then a wooden, four-cigar ashtray would be an excellent match for your lounge.

Ashtray and Drink Holder Combo

If you’re really looking to elevate your outdoor smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with an ashtray with space for your cocktail. Regardless of your cigar/drink pairing of choice, an astray like this is a real winner for regular outdoor smokers. 


A good lighter is an essential for the regular outdoor smoker. We’d recommend picking up a wind-resistor torch lighter because even a slight breeze can make it difficult to light up with a match. For a more in-depth look at quality cigar lighters, you can check out our recent blog here. 


Once you’ve set up your outdoor lounge, you need to pick up a few quality smokes. Thankfully, we can help with that. Sign up for Cigar World to get all the latest info on your favorite brands –– including reviews and updates on new releases. 


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