Whether you’re looking to level up your kitchen cocktail game or you’re taking your at-home bar to new heights, having the best bar accessories are essential to making the perfect drinks and enjoying premium cigars. 

The Cigar World team has scoured the internet, we’ve researched top bartenders and cigar aficionados and put together an exclusive list of the most-talked about bar accessories.

Not only is each product stylish and functional, they’re some of the most reviewed in each category. So, enjoy the 10 best bar accessories for cigar smokers!

The best cigar ashtray with storage

To be completely honest, this cigar ashtray from Vessel is essential whether you own a bar or not. It’s sleek, stylish, incredibly durable and it has a built-in tray for storing all your smoking accessories. 

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The best shaker for mixing drinks

Sure, some of the best bartenders may like to use two-piece shakers, but seeing as convenience is key, this 3-piece shaker from Brumate lets you bring out your inner mixologist. It’s the only cocktail shaker that doubles as a pint glass allowing you to make the perfect beverage and then drink it.

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The best jigger for adding spirits

The Japanese style double cocktail jigger from Zulay Kitchen will make sure you’re getting the perfect measurements while standing out on your bar top. It’s durable, dishwasher safe and balances great in your hands while mixing. 

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The best muddler for herbs

If you’ve ever had a real mojito with muddled mint, you know the importance of actually having one of these bar accessories. The double sided Muddler from Williams Sonoma is one of the best in the biz. The marble end is perfect for muddling citrus fruit and the wooden end is for mint and other fresh herbs.

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The best tabletop cigar cutter

This ebony wood and stainless steel cigar cutter creates a powerful, precise cut while making a powerful statement displayed on your bar top. It features a guillotine style cutter, a hidden drawer for the cut caps and cuts up to a 54 ring gauge. 

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The best cutting board for garnish and fruit

If you’re constantly cutting up fresh fruit or herbs for your cocktails, a reliable and durable cutting board is a must. Well, the reBoard by Material is made entirely of kitchen plastic scraps. It adds a modern pop of aesthetic to any room and the best part, it’s the perfect size.

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The best ice mold for premium ice balls

Not only do the large ice cubes look badass, they melt slower so your drink cools better without diluting. The Sphere Ice Mold from Williams Sonoma stack for efficient storage and they produce a 2” ice ball.

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The best mixing glass and spoon for stirring cocktails

The hand-blown mixing glass and weighted stainless steel spoon from KegWorks are the perfect combo to whip up any drink. They’re clean, minimalist and surprisingly sturdy considering their elegant appearance.

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The best tabletop lighter for cigars

A great smoking experience starts with a great light. The Alec Bradley Burner Tabletop Lighter is one of the best and most consistent lighters out on the market. It’s sleek and stylish, has a one-push ignition system and its tank holds enough butane to light up to 1,000 cigars.

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The best cocktail glass set

When it comes to making cocktail glasses, Libbey time and time again makes its way to the top of the best-rated lists. Their assorted set of six glasses gives you the perfect glass no matter if you’re drinking bourbon, rye or tequila.

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What’s your favorite bar accessory? Let us know in the comments!


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