If CAO is known for anything, it’s for passionately creating premium cigars with the world’s best tobaccos. From Colombia to Gold to Nicaragua, CAO has consistently created award-winning blends that delight new smokers as well as lifelong aficionados.

However, in today’s blog we’re going to explore CAO’s more alternative line of premium cigars, the CAO Flavours line. 

Now, don’t think these are your average flavored cigars. CAO Flavours are anything but. They’re constructed from the highest quality long filler tobaccos and subtly infused with flavors that compliment, not overpower.

So, enjoy taking a deep dive into the CAO Flavours cigar line!

The CAO Flavours line of cigars

Bella Vanilla

Infused with only top-tier vanilla beans from Madagascar, these complex flavors unite with a rich blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos for a well-balanced cigar that presents a layered complexity.

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Immediately exploding on the scene, Cherrybomb unleashes a flavorful combination of cherry and black currant. But, it’s soon tamed by a creamy core of vanilla and a sweet, almost citrusy aroma. 

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Eileen's Dream

Uniquely composed of Cameroon and Dominican tobaccos, Eileen’s Dream bursts with infused flavors of Irish whiskey, cream, coconut milk, hazelnut, white chocolate, and almonds for a must-try cigar.

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Gold Honey

Gold Honey is constructed with fine tobaccos and infused with premium orange blossom honey for an exquisite, delicate smoking experience that presents a faint citrus flavor.

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Moontrance’s genuine Cameroon wrapper merges with an intricate blend of 100% natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla extracts for a cigar that’s brimming with fantastic caramel sweetness.

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Do you smoke flavored cigars? If so, let us know in the comments!

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  • Member Avatar
    (21 days ago)

    I will have to give one of these a shot

  • Member Avatar
    (31 days ago)

    Eileen's Dream and Moontrance are the only flavored cigars that I have EVER truly enjoyed.