Over the last few years, we’ve seen an immense rise in spirits brands (mainly whiskey) partnering with cigar manufacturers to create unique tobacco blends that meld the best of both worlds.

These collaborations not only bring together the fans, but most importantly, they create some delicious cigars. 

One of the most talked about within this whiskey/cigar category is the Buffalo Trace Cigar. So much so, the Cigar World team wanted to take a deep dive into the story behind the cigar, uncover the blend, as well as showcase what makes it an exceptional smoking experience.

The Buffalo Trace Cigar blend breakdown

The Buffalo Trace Cigar, produced by Meier & Dutch, comes in three different sizes, a 5x49 Robusto, a 6x52 Toro and a 7x49 Churchill. 

Each one of these amazing cigars is medium to full bodied with a ridiculously clean draw. They also all come draped in a sumptuous Sumatra wrapper hailing from the fertile soils of Los Ríos Ecuador. 

The goal for both Sazarac (Buffalo Trace’s parent co.) and Meier & Dutch wasn’t to just create a premium cigar that was nuanced. Nope. The tobacco blend needed to have a perfect give-and-take when enjoyed with Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Or any bourbon for that matter. And boy, let me tell you, this blend does just that. 

As mentioned earlier, on the outside, the BT cigar comes wrapped in an awesome Ecuadoran Sumatra leaf. But, on the inside is where this cigar really comes to life. The meticulous blending between the Brazilian binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers creates an aroma of roasted coffee and leather. As for the flavor, super mellow notes of cedar, spice and vanilla all come together to create a truly exceptional smoking experience.

Want to learn more about the Buffalo Trace Cigar? Follow the link here.

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  • Member Avatar
    (10 months ago)

    If you like Buffalo Trace cigars, wait until you try the Special F Six by Sixty! The tobaccos are actually aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. Awesome flavor!

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    On my List for sure.

  • Member Avatar
    (12 months ago)

    Love these Buffalo Trace cigars. Paired well with the Buffalo Trace bourbon. I would definitely recommend this cigar. Really nice flavor profile.

  • Member Avatar
    (13 months ago)

    I haven't tried Buffalo Trace cigar yet, but it is on my Labor Day buy list.

  • Member Avatar
    (13 months ago)

    I've had the Buffalo Trace cigar and I thought it was tremendous, I would definitely recommend it with a glass of BT bourbon. A win-win situation!

  • Member Avatar
    (13 months ago)

    Buffalo Trace cigars are great! This is my go to cigar, especially paired with a glass of Buffalo Trace, it will never let you down.