The longer you spend in the world of premium hand rolled cigars, the sooner you’ll realize how many endless flavor profiles or tasting notes you can experience when smoking. For your more common flavor profiles, you’ll find cigars resembling spicy, sweet, and floral flavors. But today, we’re going to talk about one of the more outside the box tasting notes for cigars: earthy tasting notes.

So, what does an earthy cigar taste like?

Now, when comparing earthy tasting notes to more common tasting notes like sweet or spicy, there are a few things to keep in mind. Seeing as we normally eat things like pepper, cashews or chocolate, it can be much easier to identify certain flavor profiles to align with sweeter or spicier cigars.

When we’re covering the earthiness in a cigar, we’re more so referring to the aroma experienced, rather than the cigar actually tasting like fresh cut grass, a forest after a rainy morning, or dry hay. On their own, these tasting notes may not sound like the most enjoyable flavors to experience while smoking a cigar, but do keep in mind, when an earthy flavor fuses with other notes like cinnamon or espresso and more, you can one one complex and interesting cigar on your hands.

What gives a cigar earthy tasting notes or aromas?

Keep in mind, when we mention anything around the taste or smell of cigars, our senses are completely subjective, so what one smoker experiences versus another could be two completely different profiles.

Earthy tasting notes or aromas are normally more common in medium to full-bodied cigars, and can add a ton of depth and complexity to the cigar’s smoking experience. This earthiness is produced throughout the growing and harvesting process due to the tobacco having more exposure to the sun, therefore the tobacco retains an earthy complexity when compared to tobacco that’s spent less time under the sun.

Cigar World’s favorite earthy infused cigars

If you’re looking to learn more about some of the top-rated earthy infused cigars, check out the list below.

ACID Earthiness

A full-bodied cigar that’s filled with an earthy blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in a flawless Sumatra leaf to create a subtle sweetness with intriguing hints of clove and cinnamon.
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ACID Krush Red Cameroon

A medium-bodied cigar that’s packed full of spicy Nicaraguan tobaccos bundled up inside a dark Cameroon wrapper to create a satisfyingly bold, yet earthy smoking experience.
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A medium-bodied, box-pressed cigar that boasts an earthy combination of Indonesian and Nicaraguan tobaccos cloaked in a sweet-tipped Mexican San Andres binder.
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Cigar World’s top premium, hand rolled cigars with earthy tasting notes

If you’re looking for premium, hand rolled cigars that give subtle tasting notes or aromas of earth as you experience the cigar, explore the list below.

CAO Brazilia

Masterfully blended and aged to perfection, this full-bodied cigar boasts a beautiful combination of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos to create a luxurious cigar full of earth and nuts.
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La Gloria Cubana Classic

A lavish combination of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador merge to deliver a rich, medium-bodied smoking experience full of molasses, citrus, and earth.
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My Father Vegas Cubanas

A meticulous and even more delicious combination of Nicaraguan tobaccos merge in this medium-bodied cigar to create sumptuous notes of leather, cedar, and cocoa in every puff.
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Punch Clasico

This full-flavored blend of Ecuadorian, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos fuses together to create a cigar that’s brimming with earthy notes juxtaposed by a subtle sweetness.
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Explore all of Cigar World’s cigars that feature earthy tasting notes

The above list is just a few of our top-rated cigars from some of the top-rated brands. If you’re looking to check out more cigars with earthy tasting notes, hit that link below.

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Enjoy these salt-of-the-earth stogies

We hope you enjoyed this piece over cigars with earthy tasting notes. If you have any amazing cigar suggestions for stogies that taste like elements of earth when you puff, let us know!

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