The old saying goes, “nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth person always lies.” When thinking about one’s taste preference for anything, especially premium hand rolled stogies, a large majority of smokers also enjoy the enticing experience of puffing on cigars with chocolate tasting notes.

They’re smooth, they’re balanced, and because of that, major brands from Cohiba to Partagas all have fan-favorite products in their line that deliver hints of sweet to dark chocolate in every puff.

So, what gives cigar tobacco chocolate tasting notes?

Cigars can take on chocolate tasting notes in numerous different ways.

The growing region of the tobacco will affect the taste and aroma of a cigar. So, things like the quality of the soil and how nutrient-rich it is, the amount of sun, as well as the average rainfall will all elevate or decrease a cigar’s chocolatey flavor or aroma.

Also, the harvesting and curing aspect has an enormous factor to play when elevating the chocolate tasting notes in cigar tobacco.

For instance, when wrapper tobacco is harvested off a lower priming on the tobacco plant, they’re simply picked earlier in that plant’s lifespan. Because of that, there’s less time for the sun to transform the tobacco into a stronger smoking experience. So, the earlier the tobacco leaves are harvested, the naturally sweeter the cigar.

Many cigars boasting Maduro wrappers will feature smooth, chocolatey tasting notes.

Are there chocolate flavored cigars?

Technically there are two types of chocolate tasting notes found in premium cigars.

You have hand-rolled cigars that simply feature a hint of chocolate in every puff. Like CAO Session or Cohiba Black for instance. There’s a full list of these at the bottom of the article.

Then, there’s infused cigars like the CAO Flavours line or the ACID line from Drew Estate. These infused cigars will produce a much stronger flavor profile and literally taste and smell like chocolate due to the tobacco being cured with some chocolate element.

It all boils down to personal preference, some smokers love one kind, some smokers prefer the other, and some smokers enjoy both.

Cigar World fan-favorite cigars that feature chocolate tasting notes

CAO Session

A complex blend featuring notes of nuts and cedar, offset with a chocolatey sweetness for a cigar that can be enjoyed at any occasion.
Learn More

Diesel Original

A bold cigar that offers layers of thick spice that’s complemented by notes of a natural tobacco sweetness, chocolate, and dark earthy flavors.
Learn More

LGC Serie R Black Maduro

A deep and full-bodied stogie that delivers a powerhouse of pepper, earth, and coffee, all complemented by a sweet, chocolatey finish that can only be found with an LGC cigar.
Learn More

Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Dark Knight

Just like it’s name, this dark and layered cigar is best known for its striking, full-flavored taste that features hints of chocolate offset with a Connecticut smoothness.
Learn More

Cohiba Black

An espresso of a cigar that features a gorgeous Broadleaf wrapper, giving way to a deep, enticing, and concentrated flavor that’s brimming with chocolate tasting notes.
Learn More

Partagas Black Label

Full flavored and full bodied, this cigar boasts a Medio Tiempo wrapper that merges with exquisite binder and filler tobaccos to produce chocolate tasting notes offset by nuts and earth.Learn More

Macanudo Maduro

Your senses will enjoy rich chocolate tasting notes that pleasantly linger, allowing this cigar to lend itself to moments of the most tasteful relaxation.
Learn More

Or, explore all of Cigar World’s cigars that feature chocolate tasting notes. The above list is just a few of our top-rated cigars from some of the top-rated brands. If you’re looking to check out more cigars with chocolate tasting notes, hit that link below.

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Now, you can have your chocolate, and smoke it too.

We hope you enjoyed this piece over cigars with chocolate tasting notes. If you have any amazing cigar suggestions for stogies that taste like chocolate when you puff, let us know!

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